Cool Prizes from CoolerMaster

Hey gang… as the lan party nears we will start receiving all kinds of cool stuff from our sponsors and we will keep you updated as what we get! Just a couple of days ago Cooler Master sent us some really cool stuff and I just got around to opening up the packages. I was really excited to see alot of really cool gear for all of the gamers this upcoming october. Please stay tuned for more updates here and on our facebook page!


Registration is OPEN!

The GXL is proud to announce that registration is open for our event. The GXL Resurrection 2013 will take place October 11th-13th this year. Some of you may be familiar with where we had our last event. This one will also be at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA, which is only about a half hour from Philadelphia.


GXL Resurrection 2013

Well the time has come and the GXL begins to plan our next event. The date is set and everything is starting to role. As always we welcome u to post on our face book page and twitter feeds for ideas and comments for our next event. Please stay tuned for more info as it develops. We are planning to have a list of the PRO tournaments and Side events within the next month or two so stay tuned. for more details





So after heading up to PAX east this year we ended up meeting up with some really cool KATZ… yes yes I spelled cats with a K… anyway we met up with these guys that were helping out with the help desk. Come to find out they started a website dedicated to sponsoring gamers. They are like the agent for the gamers trying to find sponsors and unite them with the dream of being that pro elite sponsored gamer. They call themselves Spawnsor and man I think it is the greatest idea out there yet. The end goal is to get gamers SPONSORED! Here is what Corey from Spawnsor had to say.




We are ready to announce the next big lan party coming to you in the tri-state area. The GXL is moving its venue this time out to the OAKS, PA. We are going to be throwing our very popular “BIG” lan series May 6th – 8th with all the typical lan party stuff that we do! : ) Make sure you sign up NOW before its too late!


The GXL and sister Lan Parties

A little while ago several Lan party organizations sat down and started talking about lans on the east coast. L-PANE, The GXL, Fites, and Pittco started talking about how we could all share resources and help each other out and in turn help spawn more good in the lan party community. From this partnership came the formation of N.E.R.D.S. the North Eastern Regional Digital Syndicate. Together we strive to make lans in and around our area a better place. Help us spread the word by visiting our sister lan org websites and check out thier events coming up in your neck of the woods.


The GXL Website

The GXL is still very much alive and well and are looking for a new venue to throw the next big lan in the New Jersey tri state area. Be on the look out for new developments on the gxl website as get things going here and in the lan party scene! Please bear with us as we develop the website into something new for all of our GXL friends!