X-IO Technologies is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the GXL TITAN 2015 Event!

The GXL is proud to announce our latest Platinum level sponsor, X-IO Technologies!

X-IO is sponsoring all of the Smash Brothers tournaments this year with a prize purse of $200 for each of the four tournaments!
They also purchased Rock Band 4 for the event and made our Rock Band 4 tournament possible with a $200 prize purse!

X-IO provides high performance data storage systems with high availability and industry-leading price performance. X-IO Technologies was founded in 2007 with an investment in core, rocket-science research and development, and 100+ patents producing the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE). The ISE is designed, from the ground up, to deliver best-in-market block storage performance, on Day One, and Day 1800.

ISE delivers 100% performance at 100% capacity, with no service events, and no cumbersome and time-consuming manual intervention. Plus, a five year warranty!

Running on ISE, your virtualized infrastructure and your RDBMS applications will run much faster, for much longer, at a much lower cost. No conventional big-frame enterprise storage array or hybrid upstart can match us.