Casting and more from eXtv

From the guys over at eXtv:

"eXtv is proud to announce our support for GXL LAN 2014. We will be bringing out the best casting and coverage TF2 LANs have ever seen.

Our producer dashner is teaming up with Lange to produce and broadcast the event, using methods usually reserved for the most prestigious and publicized of tournaments. We will be bringing you every moment of the action, both on and off server with dedicated videographers and photographers capturing all the drama of North American TF2's biggest LAN event ever.

As part of our dedication and commitment to the TF2 community, eXtv is contributing $2,000 to the prize pool in order to entice bigger and better teams to travel to Philadelphia this fall.

All the staff at eXtv is eXtremely eXcited to be bringing this coverage and sponsorship to TheFragile and our other friends at GXL. Together with the TF2 community, we will make this a LAN that North American TF2 will never forget."