Registration is OPEN!

The GXL is proud to announce that registration is open for our event. The GXL Resurrection 2013 will take place October 11th-13th this year. Some of you may be familiar with where we had our last event. This one will also be at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA, which is only about a half hour from Philadelphia.

The GXL has expanded the registration options for this event. Regular admission is for a seat at the LAN party with access to the bring your own computer (BYOC) and console sections. Additionally, the following special options listed below are available as add-ons to admission. We have the official GXL event t-shirt available for purchase during registration too. There is a limited quantity on some of the special options so please do not delay if you are interested.

Premature LANer – Advance seating and access to event 12 hours early! (setup for this option happens on Friday morning at 00:00 (Midnight) (There are also going to be special events dedicated only to the “Preemies” during this time that no one else will have access to. Increase your chances at winning some cool prizes!)

ThickPipe – Have access to a gigabit port on the network! (All other standard gamers will only have a 10/100 port which means you will be able to utilize more traffic on the network!!!)

Spy Option – Access behind the stage area, access into the staff lounge, and entry into the behind the scenes tour given at 02:00 (2AM) on Sunday, 10/13. You will get to hang out with all of the staff, volunteers, and Sponsors as well as have access to our secret stash of goodies, drinks, candy and turks favorite stash of RED BULL!

ALSO prizes will be given to the 50th, 100th, and 150th person to prepay for the lan!

The lan has already begun to fill up very quickly… and we anticipate the event to sell out very soon…. so ACT NOW!

Register for The GXL Resurrection 2013