So after heading up to PAX east this year we ended up meeting up with some really cool KATZ… yes yes I spelled cats with a K… anyway we met up with these guys that were helping out with the help desk. Come to find out they started a website dedicated to sponsoring gamers. They are like the agent for the gamers trying to find sponsors and unite them with the dream of being that pro elite sponsored gamer. They call themselves Spawnsor and man I think it is the greatest idea out there yet. The end goal is to get gamers SPONSORED! Here is what Corey from Spawnsor had to say.

“Spawnsor is the premier gaming network dedicated to eSports, where competitive PC and console gamers can build profiles, show their skills, and connect with sponsors. Spawnsor’s one of a kind system streamlines the process of finding sponsorships for gamers, teams, and gaming organizations.”

So after chillin with these guys at PAX we began to talk and they totally got excited about the GXL TMG 2011. They got so pumped that they decided to sponsor us and come down and chill at the event with us to sign up people and get all the gamers Spawnsors! Along with that they told me that they were willing to throw some cool prizes our way to pass along to all of you that are attending. So Spawnsor is providing:

One Year Pro Memberships to all LAN Party attendee’s
Raffling off an OCZ Solid State Drive
Assorted Spawnsor Gear

Def go check out Spawnsor @

Thanks Spawnsor!!!! You Guys ROCK!

So get ready for the GXL TMG 2011 and don’t forget to sign up for the gxl while you still can! Seating is limited and going fast.